How were you discovered?

My friend Ellen took the photos for me on the last day of high school, I sent the images to three agencies and I heard from Chantale right away. I came with my Mom to Toronto to meet Chantale and then my whole life changed. 

Is it hard to do a runway walk?

Yes. I had to do two hours of practice every day at my agency in NYC in preparation for fashion week. The practice is where I perfected my walk. Watch YouTube videos of runway shows and practice in front of the mirror in heels. It's really important to have a good pair of heels for castings, they should feel secure and they should be high!

We heard you were so good at posing whats your tips?

That's so sweet! I looove posing especially on shoots that involve a lot of movement. The first thing is looking at magazines or what your clients posing already looks like and practising that and practising lots of different expressions. Look up Coco Rocha for a supermodel posing queen. Learn all your angles and how the camera will photograph you from certain angles like straight on, from the side or from a low angle. My last piece of advice is to try and feel confident, you're on the set for a reason! Don't be afraid to look silly or to be in an awkward pose, that can actually make really great pictures. 

Any tips for new models?

Be confident & be kind! It's hard to feel confident but work on building stuff outside of modelling that boosts your confidence like volunteering or a hobby that you enjoy. Be kind to your agents and your clients, you can get tired on set but always be present and on when you're at the job.

What do you want to do after modelling?

Modelling 100% changed my life and brought me to where I am today. For the summer I'm at Critical Mass working as an Associate Producer Intern and I love it! In the fall I am finishing my Bachelor's degree in Digital Communications. I love working as a Producer and also creating content like photos or videos. I'm looking forward to a career working in the creative industries.