What's your favourite place to travel to?

The first place I ever travelled was to New York about two months after my career began. Shortly after that, I went to Asia for the first time in my life and started my life-long love for Japan. I got to do amazing location shoots near Mount Fuji, and shoot by the ocean, as well as in tacky, hi-tech arcades. Following that, I flew to Paris and had my breath taken away by the Eiffel Tower (plus all the baguettes I could eat). My next trip was to Singapore where I was fortunate to get two location-shoots in Vietnam and in the tiny Buddhist country of Bhutan. I started chasing summer a little bit, so I would skip Canadian winter by escaping to L.A. and Singapore. I finally made my way to Australia where I spent about nine months. Though I plan to live in Australia some day, Japan will always have my heart. Tokyo is a non-stop city with so much to do it just never seems to get old. The culture, traditions, and the kindness of the Japanese people, never ceases to amaze me.

What was your favourite location shoot?


My most amazing location shoot took place in Bhutan. I was shooting two wedding spreads across 10 days with a team from Singapore. This tiny Buddhist country is nestled in the Himalayas between India and China. Here, they claim to be the happiest country in the world. We got to travel around with local tour guides to shoot in temples that displayed the most intricate murals I’ve ever seen in any Asian country. All the food we ate was organic and vegetarian. The crew and I stayed in a hotel that hung over a river. I was very fortunate to visit this country since they only give out approximately 2000 tourist visas per-year. And the visa is very expensive. I probably would never have visited this country if it weren’t for modelling. 

What fashion secrets can you share?

My secret is to always buy clothing with nice materials. I love silk, suede, and leather. I try to avoid fast fashion chains like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 mainly because of the harm done to the planet -- but also because spending good money on something to only wear two or three times is a waste. With vintage clothes, they've stood the test of time, so you can be sure something will look the same a year from now.

What is your favorite place to shop?

My favorite place to shop is the Harajuku area of Tokyo. You can find anything, from amazing designer consignments to beautiful, vintage silk kimonos. I also love to shop at beacon’s closet in New York City. 

What is your favorite thing to wear?

My favorite new item I own is my John Fluevog cubist cupcake boots. They are super unique and sleek and feel empowering. Another favourite would be my black-and-white studded Givenchy bag which is perfect for getting around during castings. An item I can’t live without, but is potentially less fashionable, is a book. I am constantly reading in-between castings. As models, we have so much spare time it’s important to stay sharp, and also nice to have a distraction while waiting to meet an important client.