Which cities have you visited for modelling?

NY, LA, Kyoto, Milan, Florence, Paris, Nice/Biot, Moscow, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Metzingen, La Coruna, Barcelona, Chengdu, Shanghai, London, Warsaw, Vancouver, Montreal, Bangkok, Stockholm, Dubai, Marrakech, Baltimore, Seoul

What are the 3 absolute items that you must pack while travelling

  1. phone & charger

  2. lipbalm/moisturizer

  3. snacks


(& obviously passport lol)

What size of suitcase do you carry?

I try to always pack as light as possible so I'm almost always travelling with either only a backpack or a small carry-on suitcase ­– with a little purse on the side for access to personal items on the flight! The only time I check a large suitcase is for longer periods of travel, like for Fashion Month. 

Do you carry your own beauty products or use hotel ones?

I try to always pack my own to keep a good hair and skincare routine. But since I pack light with a carry-on, I only take my essentials, so sometimes I'll use the hotel shampoo and such.

Whats the craziest thing you saw another model travel with?

I once saw a girl travel wearing a onesie and a facemask

Any tips to be comfortable on long flight?

Wear clothes you're comfortable in, especially for long flights. I generally travel without makeup, as well, just to feel clean and fresh. Maybe pack things that comfort you; I bring along my favourite creams and snacks and download movies on my phone that I know I'll enjoy.

What your most and least favorite things about always be on the go?

Least favourite: having to live out of a suitcase and never really being settled.

Most favourite: getting to explore and see the world's most beautiful places.