What was your most impressive booking?

My most impressive booking was definitely walking for Saint Laurent in Paris. We don’t understand all the hard work and attention to detail that goes on behind a runway until we actually live it first-hand! 

You went to school while modelling, how hard was it?

I’ve always been someone that needs to be stimulated mentally, so going to school while modelling was the best option for me. Obviously, you need to make sacrifices since you cannot do both to it's fullest. But you can definitely make it work if you plan your time wisely. ☺️

What are your favourite and least favourite things about modelling?

Free food on set? Hah! But seriously, modelling isn’t your typical job. You get to meet some amazing individuals and dance all day on set. πŸ’ƒπŸΌ On the other hand, it can be very mentally and physically demanding due to the instability and the relentless beauty standards...

What is your tip to have a great day on set?


Always arrive with a smile on! Nothing attracts more good vibes than when you exude happiness!