What would you do, if you weren’t a model?


About two years ago I launched my own swimwear brand: “Lina Shek Swimwear” 

I’ve worked for a lot of swimwear brands during my modelling career and was inspired to create my own line. I love the creative process and have learned so much about all the hard work that goes behind making a bikini. I have both computer programming and graphic design degrees.  So that helps me with building the website plus all the post production.


When I have some free time, I love to paint. And that passion also turned into one of my side projects. I’ve showcased my artwork at a few galleries in Toronto in the past year. And I have customers from Canada, the USA, and from as far away as England now.

Whenever you go on a beach vacation, what is a must? 


Definitely a different bikini for each day. When you’re at the beach, that’s all you wear. So it’s kind of your look for the day. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Sandals. Waterproof portable speaker. 



What’s your workout routine?


I usually work out three- to four-times a week. I love to run. Running is great. I usually go for a 5K run twice a week. I also do strength training with a personal trainer at “Common Ground”. Some days I’ll do yoga or a dance class. I’ve always been active. I started taking dance lessons at the age of five. And I've won two Russian Ballroom/Latin Championships by the age of eleven. I even used to work as a dance instructor at one of Toronto's dance studios. 

How would you describe your personal style?


My personal style changes often. Modelling has definitely influenced how I want to present myself day-to-day. I’ve become more interested in fashion throughout the years because I’ve become inspired from what I see on set. But, generally I try to be as effortless as possible. I just like being cool and easy, with a little bit of rock and roll, whether it's classic or more on-trend.


Favourite places you traveled for work?


Bali, Panama, Jamaica, Barbados and Bahamas, all the hot places :) I do really love London too.