What is your favorite thing about being a model?

My favorite thing about modeling is the freedom. The freedom of taking decisions. Where will I work? What opportunities will I grasp? What will my priorities be?

Comes with this the uncertainty. Yes, uncertainty can be stressful. Will I get some work? Oufff... I can only agree! I've had my share of stress trust me. But really, what an amazing gift to not know what life hides around the corner for us. No routine, no amazing or awful plans. Simply coins been flipped and roll of dice. I realized the extent of this enchanted liberty once I stopped fighting against it. Swim against the stream and tired you'll get. Let yourself go and enjoy what happens around you. 

How long have you been modelling and what was your favorite moment?

I've been modelling for over five years now. Throughout all the adventures modelling has put me in, I'd say, my favourite moment is right now. Time is passing and still I find myself immensely grateful for every job opportunity I get today. The experience I gained over the past five years has made me more aware of my place in the fashion industry. And, more importantly, more confident. I'm proud of the effort I made in the last years. I'm now able to reflect on everything I gained for myself. It feels good to be here right now.

What is the most difficult thing about modelling?


The most difficult thing about modelling for me was the beginning. I wasn't ready, but who really is? I was disoriented, scared, both driven and unaware of what was at stake for me. What is this intriguing and charming opportunity? I don't know a single school that could teach you what this adventure is going be like when you begin. Of course, you can sip from the stories you hear of other models, models who become profound friends over time. You can follow very closely the advice your agents give you, agents who become dear, and support your over time. But, in the end, you will be the only person experiencing your very own path. A mix of beautiful potential, pure luck, and a mysterious life gift brought you this way. Which really is one of the most amazing things about this job - you're the only one who'll get to live this path like you will. No two photo-shoots are the same. No makeup is the same. No country is the same. No background story is the same. No modelling career can be the same. Spread your wings, maybe, probably bite the dust, then get back up. Learn about yourself, your reactions, and your desires. Along with the story you're writing for yourself and, most of all, enjoy. There's always something to learn out of any experience. And no school will teach you what you're about to learn.

If you can give a new model an advice what would it be?


Be yourself. A lot of things will come towards you in this industry. Applause and criticism. Teach yourself to see the positive in each of them. Playing doll all day might make you second guest who you are, how you should be. Don't. You were brought here to have fun. To be immerse into people's creativity. To wear people's thoughts. You're a beautiful canvas on which artistic minds will create. Please, throughout this epic masquerade of dressing up and listening to people, see it all as a game. Maybe this industry isn't always the easiest to play, but only great things comes out of great effort. Try to be positive, always!!!